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Mobile Data Entry Using RFID Devices in Warehousing - SAP EWM Perspective

Whether deployed as part of an ERP software package or as a standalone system capable of integrating with external ERP systems, a warehouse management system has become an essential instrument to optimize the inventory management and order fulfillment processes of warehousing, which is a crucial function of supply chains today. Speed, precision, and efficiency in data processing are the key factors for a successful warehouse management system.


Qlik Expands Google BigQuery Solutions, Adding Mainframe to SAP Business Data for Modern Analytics

In April this year, we announced that Qlik had successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery Designation for its Qlik Sense® cloud analytics solution and Qlik Data Integration®. We continue increasing customer confidence by combining multiple Qlik solutions alongside Google Cloud BigQuery to both help activate SAP data, and now mainframe data as well.


SAP Testing - When, Why, and What Tools To Use

Starting a company that works in any field is an exciting journey. We start with probably ten people and almost no user base in the initial days. But if our services are user-centric and our product solves a good problem, we will grow in both these dimensions. When our user base grows, and we expand our services, we generally ask our engineers to make our systems even better for them.


SAP key users need LiveCompare, not hypercare

What’s the most common strategy for testing an SAP application change — be it a custom update, a service pack or an emergency fix? Don’t test the change at all! OK, let me back up – this provocative statement is not entirely accurate. Most organizations do some testing of their SAP applications. When an update needs to be deployed into production, they make their key users test it.

Why AI is the future of effective SAP releases

For decades, the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) has captivated our imaginations - from science fiction and film to algorithms that can approximate conversation, to the predictive text programs that can produce new Harry Potter fan fiction today. AI is no longer a concept, it is real and here, leaving business leaders asking what it can do for their complex ERP systems like SAP? Read this white paper to learn.