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Which Language Should Testers Use?

Should you design tests in the same language as the application you’re testing, or should you use the language you’re best at? @Hanson Ho recommends using the language that’s most popular in the application’s platform. This way, you’ll have more help available from the community. If you want more insights like this one, check out Test Case Scenario.

Optimize Mobile App Testing for Speed, Scale, and Coverage

Hosted By: Maxwell Newsom, Solution Engineer, Sauce Labs Ashwini Sathe, Senior Group Product Marketing Manager, Sauce Labs Background: As the mobile industry experiences explosive growth, delivering quality mobile apps at speed and maintaining a seamless customer experience has never been more important. In fact, after using Sauce Labs, customers improved release speeds by up to 50% and achieved a 46% uptick in weekly code deployments.

Mobile Testing Strategies for Maximizing ROI

Hosted By: Marcus Merrell, Staff Product Marketing & Testing Strategist, Sauce Labs Diego Molina, Staff Software Engineer, Sauce Labs Background: While manual testing with physical devices stymies innovation, collaboration, scale, and productivity, making the move to cloud-based device testing leads to reduced risk, improved efficiency, and faster time-to-market. Watch the webinar replay to explore.