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How DreamFactory Prevents SQL Injection Attacks

A SQL injection attack is an attempt to modify the syntax of a SQL query executed in conjunction with a user-initiated action within a software application. Some examples of user-initiated actions include searching for a product within an e-commerce catalog, adding a comment to a blog post, and creating a new user account. In each of these scenarios, the user uses a form to submit input (e.g.

Web Security Attacks You Must Know - Part 1

As developers, we know the pitfalls of the internet – the gateways that malicious actors can exploit to steal private data, siphon money and generally wreak havoc. But if we’re going to build watertight applications, it’s essential that we keep updating our knowledge base and prepare for every possible assault. In this post, we’re going to discuss five particularly common forms of attack.

Cybersecurity Executive Order Summary: What It Means and How to Get Your Software Ready

Earlier this month, an executive order was issued from the White House aimed at improving the cybersecurity of the United States. This much-anticipated order comes on the heels of widely publicized digital attacks, such as Colonial Pipeline and SolarWinds, which illustrate the current state of cybersecurity standards in the software industry.