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Appian Protect: Security Monitoring, End-to-End Encryption, and More

Data is the heart of business operations. And much of that data is sensitive or regulated. Cyber threat actors know they can benefit financially from your data by holding it for ransom or selling it on the dark web. The most recent Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022 from Ponemon Institute and IBM clocks the average data breach cost at $4.35 million USD (that’s $164 USD per data record). The stakes are high. Your security must be too.


How to Prevent Authorized Push Payment Fraud with Mobile App Testing

This recent article from Finextra regarding the UK payments watchdog consulting on new authorized push payment (APP) fraud reporting rules has me thinking. How can we prevent fraud and protect consumers – and ourselves from scams? APP fraud happens when fraudsters deceive consumers or individuals into sending a payment under false pretenses to a bank account controlled by the fraudster. Real-time payment schemes are irrevocable, so victims cannot reverse a payment once sent.

API Secrets Management: Integrating Kong Gateway with Your Favorite Identity Manager

What is Kong Secrets Management? Kong Secrets Management is a new feature that allows you to safely store and retrieve secrets used throughout the Kong Gateway deployment, improving the fundamental security of your applications. Securing your entire Kong deployment with centralized secrets makes it easier to manage and build governance around your Kong deployments.

APISecOps Tutorial: Delivering APIs Securely Together with Kong Konnect and Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)

Red Hat OpenShift is the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform that runs ubiquitously across on-prem, and the cloud. With Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA), a managed Red Hat OpenShift platform that runs natively on AWS, it is even easier to get kick-started on an enterprise-ready instance of Red Hat OpenShift in the cloud. Kong similarly distinguishes itself as a multi-platform, multi-cloud API Management solution pushing the vision of APIs.