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Remote Packet Capture: A Deep Dive into Wi-Fi Hacking

As with traditional wired networks and security, WiFi security is also essential to the organization’s setup as it safeguards sensitive data and protects unauthorized access in most critical wireless networks. Hence, it is necessary to perform comprehensive risk assessments and various other pertinent checks concerning the available standards, make note of multiple threats, and amicably address them.

What is Data Privacy-and Why Is It Important?

You've probably heard the expression "data is the new oil." Well, data today is fueling an increasing number of businesses. Personalized customer experiences, automated marketing messaging, and science-driven insights all depend on the quality and volume of your information. Companies are eager to gather data, and understandably so. Legislators, on the other hand, are keen to protect the privacy and safety of individuals.

WSO2 API Manager: Leading the Way in API Management and Security

API management and API security are like two sides of a coin, intrinsically part of a greater whole. That is why the recent KuppingerCole report, “Leadership Compass: API Security and Management,” is particularly useful for organizations seeking to develop or update their API strategies. With the report’s comprehensive view of both API management and security, it offers an invaluable resource for understanding their interplay.

Adopt a Zero Trust Approach with OAuth 2.0 Mutual TLS Client Authentication

In the modern IT stack, API gateways act as the first line of defense against attacks on backend services by enforcing authentication/authorization policies and validating and transforming requests. When backend services are protected with a token-based approach, client applications must obtain an access token to access the protected resource.

Changing expectations: How DevSecOps and codeless automated software testing can help public sector agencies deliver on their missions

It’s no secret that the expectations for public sector digital services have changed significantly over the past few years; services need to be rolled out fast to ensure usable and secure software that can help agencies deliver on their mission. These expectations can be met by combining DevSecOps with codeless automated software testing.

Continual is SOC 2 compliant

Continual is proud to announce that we are now SOC 2 Type 1 compliant and SOC 2 Type 2 in progress. This certification demonstrates our core commitment to your data security and privacy. We expect to make additional announcements around our security certification efforts over the coming months. Beyond third party attestations, Continual is built from the ground up for data security, privacy, and governance at enterprise scale.

Top 6 Security Traps to Avoid in JIRA Implementation

According to Gartner, JIRA is still one of the most popular application lifecycle management (ALM) technologies in many enterprises, with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 for its features. Determining an “issue permission” enabled with the proper security constraints and balancing its project access control is always a difficult challenge in an enterprise JIRA setup.