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Data Fabric Implementation: 6 Best Practices for IT Leaders

Trying to integrate data without knowing your starting point is like taking a road trip without a map—you’re bound to get lost. To navigate the challenges of data integration, IT leaders must first evaluate their current data setup. This means taking stock of all your data sources, understanding their quality, and identifying integration points. It’s like conducting a thorough inspection before renovating a house; you must know what you’re working with.

6 Critical Features of Enterprise Intelligence Solutions

Data is the lifeblood of businesses. But the vast amount of data businesses accumulate makes it difficult to turn that data into actionable insights. Enterprise intelligence solutions offer a system for collecting, managing, analyzing, and monitoring your process and business data. A good enterprise intelligence solution empowers organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive advantage.

Improving Government Case Management with AI: 6 Use Cases

There are many ways AI can improve government case management processes. Examples include: AI capabilities often depend on a large language model (LLM), an advanced AI system that can understand, analyze, interpret, and generate human language. It uses deep learning techniques to predict and produce coherent text based on input prompts. A large language model trained on government agency data is capable of tasks like text extraction, translation, summarization, and conversational responses.

Top 4 AI Use Cases in Life Sciences

The life sciences industry is rapidly embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to automate complex processes, enhance efficiency, and improve outcomes. From drug development to patient care, AI-driven automation is transforming the landscape. Here are some of the top artificial intelligence use cases for process automation in the pharmaceutical industry.

FI Transformation: T. Rowe Price's & State Street's Automation Journeys

Discover how Appian’s process automation platform has transformed technology procurement and legal departments, all aimed at catalyzing transformation within the organization. Our expert panel will delve into the adoption journey and share invaluable best practices for maximizing value across teams.

7 Real-Life Business Process Automation Examples to Inspire Your Strategy

Think about the monotonous task of extracting data from sources like spreadsheets and emails and typing it into various systems. Repetitive tasks and manual workflows lurking inside business processes slow down teams, introduce human error, and erode employee engagement. Slow, ineffective processes can also kill an organization’s time to market and customer satisfaction.

Upgrade Your Processes with 11 New Generative AI Skills in Appian 24.2

AI can offer transformative business value. But you need the right combination of capabilities. Appian is continuing its history of providing practical value to enterprises across industries with the new AI capabilities in our 24.2 release—from 11 new generative AI skills that help you optimize mission-critical processes to the release of our Enterprise Copilot that gives users instant answers to their questions. This post will cover the latest enhancements to our AI offerings.

Introducing Appian Case Management Studio: A Faster Way to Build Flexible Apps for Casework

Join us for an overview session covering Appian Case Management Studio, a modular approach for building fast, flexible enterprise applications that help you manage casework. We’ll cover the basics of case management, explore common use cases, and show how Appian simplifies case workflows.

Case Management Studio

From service requests to employee onboarding to regulatory compliance, case management processes are a critical part of business operations. And in a digital-first world, dated methods for managing casework simply can’t keep up.Appian Case Management Studio provides a modular approach to case management that covers 80% of typical casework needs out of the box. Watch the demo to learn how you can quickly build flexible, enterprise-grade apps for managing casework with Appian Case Management Studio.