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4 lessons from Kafka Summit London 2024

It was lovely to see so many of the community and hear about the latest data streaming initiatives at Kafka Summit this year. We always try to distill the sea of content from the industry’s premier event into a digestible blog post. This time we’ll do it slightly differently and summarize some broader learnings, not only from the sessions we saw, but the conversations we had across the two days.

Lenses 5.5 - Self-service streaming data movement, governed by GitOps

In this age of AI, the demand for real-time data integration is greater than ever. For many, these data pipelines should no longer be configured and deployed by centralized teams, but distributed, so that each owner creates their flows independently. But how to simplify this, whilst practicing good software and data governance? We are introducing Lenses 5.5.

#12 Kafka Live Stream | HTTP Sink Connector & Business Automation with Make

See the new Lenses Kafka to HTTP Sink Connector in action with and @itsmake. In this 30 minute session, we show you how to trigger APIs that automate your business processes: a message in Kafka calls a Make workflow, then triggering an automation in Salesforce.