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MongoDB vs. Cassandra vs. HBase: A Comparison

Databases are organized collections of data stored in a server or a system elsewhere and can be retrieved upon need. They can be managed and even updated as and when the need arises. This data can be in the form of texts, images, integers, or multimedia files. SQL uses a standard query language to manage relational databases. You must have heard of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL servers.


Oracle vs. MySQL: Detailed Comparison of Syntax & Uses for These Databases

Both MySQL and Oracle provide the same architecture and use the relational model, and both offer many standard features such as indexing, vertical scalability, and support for popular operating systems. However, there are some critical differences between the two tools.


Firebase vs. MySQL: Battle of the Databases

SQL or NoSQL? That is the question. Successful companies need reliable, robust databases to handle their day-to-day data management needs. However, with so many technologies on the market, it can be difficult to know which database provider is right for your company. Firebase and MySQL are two database solutions built very differently.


How to Create a MySQL REST API in Minutes

According to StackOverflow’s 2022 survey, 46% of professional developers rate MySQL as the most popular database to use in the workspace. As programmers, we should not be bothered with repeatedly writing code which is otherwise readily available, robust, and well-tested. Yet this problem remains persistent in the REST API space, despite the implementation process being by this point in time rote, repetitive, and prone to error and oversight. This oversight is costly for several reasons.


Which Modern Database Is Right for Your Use Case?

A database allows multiple users to maintain, update, and edit stored information quickly, securely, and efficiently. That makes a database useful for a host of real-life cases such as keeping track of corporate accounting records, storing huge amounts of data from a network of IoT devices, tracking your company's inventory systems, or building a web application.