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Master Kotlin Enums: A Comprehensive Guide

In Kotlin, an enum (short for enumerator) is a special kind of predefined Kotlin data type used to store and represent a fixed set of named constant values, often simply referred to as constants. Each constant is an object, meaning they can have properties and methods, these are enums and are useful for representing elements that are fixed (for example days of the week) and don’t change.

Kotlin Unit Testing Guide for Android Developers: Best Practices & Techniques

Unit testing is one of the most powerful features of Android app development, saving us crucial time and reducing overall project cost and allowing developers to embrace test driven development With unit testing, we take an individual slice of code and test it to our requirements. If it passes, then the slice of code is pushed to the repository to merge with the existing code. If it fails, the developers fix the error and retest until it passes.

How To Create Maintainable #Selenium Tests with #Kotlin | Attila Fazekas | #automationtesting

In this instructive video, Attila Fazekas delves into the realm of Selenium testing with Kotlin, offering key takeaways to enhance the creation and maintenance of robust test suites. Learn the art of leveraging idiomatic Kotlin to craft Selenium tests that are not just effective but also maintainable and easy to comprehend.

Efficient Android Development with Kotlin Coroutines: Building a Recipe Finder App

In Android app development, creating a smooth, responsive user experience is essential. Kotlin coroutines help developers achieve this by streamlining and speeding up the app’s background operations. Kotlin coroutines significantly simplify the way we write asynchronous code and they allow any Android developer to easily run a background task or an asynchronous task.

Kotlin Arrays Simplified: The Definitive Guide

An array is like a box with compartments, where you can store a set number of items of the same kind. Arrays play a crucial role in Kotlin, helping us hold many items together. They allow us to send multiple values to a function easily, or make various changes to the data. There are various different forms of arrays in Kotlin, including the object-type array, represented by something called the array class.

Leveraging Kotlin Collections in Android Development

Kotlin has gradually replaced Java as the lingua franca of Android programming. It’s a more concise language than Java, meaning your code works harder and you can build leaner applications. And Kotlin Collections are fundamental. These collections play a fundamental role in our work as programmers by simplifying the organization and management of data. Whether it’s a list, set, map or other data structure, they allow us to categorize and store data logically.

Mastering Date and Time Handling in Kotlin for Android Developers

The software industry has evolved more quickly in 10 years than most industries do in 1,000, yet we continue to grapple with the basic elements of date and time. Practically all our apps rely on time in some way, and when our users are spread all over the world it can be fiendishly difficult to get the timestamps right. Kotlin language, the dominant Android programming language, provides native classes (or blueprints) to help us deal with date and time.

12 Reasons for Using Kotlin for Android App Development

Are you looking for a new language to develop your Android application? If so, then Kotlin may be a perfect choice! Kotlin is an open-source, statically typed programming language designed to be used with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It has been gaining popularity recently and is now supported by Google as a preferred language for Android app development. It is used by more than 9.6% of developers to build Android apps (source).

Klocwork 2022.1 Launches Kotlin Analysis Engine

A key component of the latest release of Klocwork is the launch of the Kotlin analysis engine, which greatly enhances the static analysis and SAST tool’s offerings. In addition, the release includes a number of other significant improvements that greatly enhance the tool’s performance and functionality. Here, we provide an overview of the new analysis engine.