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Role of Thread.sleep() in Selenium

When automating a web application, we occasionally run across the NoSuchElementException exception, which is thrown when the element being interacted with cannot be located. The main reason for this error is that the element that has to be interacted with is present on the page but takes some time to load and show up for the user. You can see how this could become a significant problem during automation and cause our scripts to fail.


Migrating from Selenium to Katalon: A Practical Guide for Successful Transition

In today’s dynamic business environment, enterprises realize the importance of a quality-first approach to test automation. Prioritizing quality at speed over a faster release pipeline is essential for ensuring the success of an organization. However, implementing a successful quality-first approach requires an end-to-end collaboration, where quality becomes the responsibility of all the different personas involved in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

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Extending Your Selenium Grid With Sauce

Keep your existing Grid, and automatically send overflow/different tests (e.g. Safari) to Sauce Labs! In this continuation, Allen Loew, a Principal Quality Engineer and Sauce Labs advocate, explains how saucectl has transformed his team's test efficiency. Keep your existing Grid, and automatically send overflow/different tests (e.g. Safari) to Sauce Labs! If you’re using Selenium to automate your application’s UI tests, at some point, you’ll need to scale your testing.


Selenium Get Current URL using Java: Tutorial

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a web address that specifies the location of a resource on the internet. The URL of an application typically refers to the web address or endpoint that allows users to access or interact with the application. The URL of an application can vary depending on the specific application and how it is hosted or deployed. For example, if the application is a web-based application hosted on a server, the URL may look something like this.


How to Find Element by Text in Selenium: Tutorial with Example

The most fundamental step in web test automation is element identification. There are numerous methods for QEs to locate elements. In Selenium, Find element by Text is used to locate a web element based on its text attribute. The text value is mostly used when the basic element identification properties, such as ID or Class, are dynamic and make it difficult to locate the web element. In such cases, it becomes very difficult to locate web elements.


A Complete Guide to Selenium Grid 4: Architecture and Configuration

In the testing community, generally, when we refer to “Selenium,” we are talking about the Selenium client API that helps write test cases. Sometimes, we may mean Selenium IDE, but with the advent of no-code solutions in cloud platforms, Selenium record-and-replay, which was a hit, has lost its charm. However, we forget that Selenium is not just API or record-and-replay. It is made up of four components, and one of the most important among them today is Selenium Grid.


Selenium Headless Tests on Browsers: A Step-by-Step Guide

When you execute your tests in headless mode, it means your tests are being executed in the background, without launching the UI. These tests are more efficient to run because the UI does not need to be rendered. When automated tests are executed, headless test execution can improve the efficiency of the tests too. In this blog, we will see how we can use Selenium to execute your tests on chrome in headless mode.


Selenium SendKeys: A Detailed Usage Guide

Selenium Sendkeys is a method used in Selenium WebDriver to simulate the typing of a keyboard key in a web application. With the help of this method, you can send data as input to a text field, text area, and other form elements. In this way, Selenium Sendkeys helps you automate the process of entering data into a web application, making it easier and faster to perform various testing tasks using Selenium.