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From Acquisition to Integration: How SmartBear is Elevating API Development with Stoplight

Back in August, SmartBear acquired Stoplight, a leader in API design and documentation. Since this acquisition, our focus has been on seamlessly integrating Stoplight's open-source tools—Spectral, Elements, and Prism—into SwaggerHub. Our goal is to simplify complex API development tasks and address the common challenges encountered in API development.

Defend Your APIs: Secure by Design

The digital landscape has witnessed an explosion of APIs in recent years. These powerful tools act as the glue binding applications together, facilitating data exchange and powering our interconnected world. But with this rapid rise comes a growing concern: securing these APIs to safeguard sensitive information. In our recent webinar at SmartBear, "Defend Your APIs: Secure by Design," API experts Frank Kilcommins and Yousaf Nabi unpacked some critical strategies for keeping your APIs safe.