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Inside DataOps: 3 Ways DevOps Analytics Can Create Better Products

Can DataOps help data consumers reveal and take action on powerful product insights hidden in operational data? For many companies, the answer is yes! The emerging practice of DataOps applies Agile development principles and DevOps best practices (e.g. collaboration, automation, monitoring and logging, observability) to data science and engineering, making it faster and easier for organizations to uncover valuable product insights that enable innovation.

Emerging Tech Trends: Navigating the Most In-Demand Technical Careers for 2024

As we step into 2024, the tech industry continues to be a whirlwind of innovation and growth. With every passing year, technology reshapes not just how we live our daily lives but also the very fabric of our career landscapes. This year, certain tech roles are standing out, fueled by advancements in AI, cybersecurity, and cloud computing.

Tricentis Mobile winner in TechStrong's DevOps Dozen 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Tricentis is once again a winner in TechStrong’s DevOps Dozen! TechStrong annually recognizes the most Agile and innovative DevOps tools and services, along with contributors to the DevOps community who have demonstrated exceptional performance. DevOps Dozen honorees have not only moved the needle within their own organizations, but have also pushed the DevOps industry forward. Tricentis Mobile was named the winner of the Best Testing Service/Tool category.

Deploy your app to App Store Connect with Codemagic CLI tools and GitHub Actions

The process of building, code signing, and publishing mobile apps can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when working in a large team and also needing to share builds with QA engineers. That’s why Codemagic offers a cloud-based CI/CD service for mobile apps that automates the whole workflow with minimal time-effort on configuration. But what if you want to use Codemagic’s features locally or in another CI/CD environment, such as GitHub Actions?

Codemagic helps Mobi Lab deliver mission-critical projects while saving them time and money

I am a software engineer and part of a team at Mobi Lab, a design agency. In Mobi Lab, we build successful digital products and augmented reality solutions for people on the go. In this post, I will share what we have learned about the importance of continuous integration and delivery (“CI/CD”) and how Codemagic improves our workflow and makes our clients happy.