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How to Create a Dashboard in Kibana

Wondering how to create a dashboard in Kibana to visualize and analyze your log data? In this blog post, we’ll provide a step-by-step explanation of how to create a dashboard in Kibana. You’ll learn how to use Kibana to query indexed application and event log data, filter query results to highlight the most critical and actionable information, build Kibana visualizations using your log data, and incorporate those visualizations into a Kibana dashboard.


How To Build A High-quality BI Dashboard With The Best Software Test Manager

Business intelligence (BI) involves converting data into valuable insights using software and services. It influences a company’s strategic and tactical business preferences. BI tools access and analyze data sets and show analytical results in the form of reports, graphs & charts, dashboards, summaries, and maps. This process provides in-depth insight into the situation of the business.

SaaS in 60 - Natural Language Insights on Dashboards

You can now deliver AI-generated, natural language insights directly on sheets in Qlik Sense. With our new natural language object, you can include narrative interpretations and readouts for any context, such as an overall sheet, a group of visualizations, or an individual visualization. This capability allows all Qlik Sense users to benefit from NLG when exploring in dashboards, boosting data literacy and driving improved data storytelling.