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Mobile DevOps Release Management | Permission settings for Admins, Developers and Testers

Welcome to our Release Management for iOS playlist! Release Management is available to all team members of an app's team, but not everyone can access all functions. Use the Release Manager role to keep your release process secure and reliable.

Web CI on Bitrise: Beta announcement

Mobile developers love using Bitrise, and we get it. But we also know your products and automation workflows extend beyond just mobile apps. That's why we're thrilled to announce Bitrise's expansion into web CI/CD! While in beta, this is your chance to help shape an industry-leading solution for your entire development process.

Jenkins Continuous Integration With Katalon: A Complete Guide

DevOps significantly changed the software industry. From a siloed process where the focus was entirely placed on development, leaving little to no time to properly test it, to a combination of the two, simultaneously developing testing to shorten the cycle. CI/CD is the key to that innovation, and Jenkins is one of the most popular CI tools on the market. We’ll learn how to do Continuous Integration with Jenkins in this step-by-step guide.

A Tester's Guide to CI/CD as an Automated Quality Control System with Alex Pshe | Webinar

We all know about the importance of automatically deploying applications to production, but do we know how to build a fully automated quality control system that continuously provides feedback on the application's state and determines whether it is ready for production rollout based on quality metrics? Watch for Alex Pshe, SDET at JetBrains share her step-by-step algorithm!