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Best Practices for Enhancing Claims Processing Efficiency

In the insurance industry, the claims process plays a vital role in shaping an insurer's reputation, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. However, this process is primarily characterized by the substantial volumes of unstructured data that insurers must adeptly handle and leverage to enhance the customer journey and streamline claims lifecycle management.

Testing With Selenium

Diving Into The Depths Of Selenium As An Automation Testing Tool Over the years, Selenium has always stayed to be the primary choice of test automation experts. However, the recent upgrades and the ever-changing test requirements, make it necessary for young test teams to explore Selenium more closely. Read the eBook to understand every aspect of Selenium testing, right from the tool to the recent upgrades.

Continuous Testing and DevOps

Understanding Continuous Testing , The Process , And The Benefits It Can Bring To The DevOps With QA practices like DevOps and Agile gaining popularity, testers these days are extremely interested in integrating the continuous testing model into the existing QA model. Especially when CI/CD pipelines in combination with DevOps model have the potential to increase flexibility & scalability, the eBook defines the benefits continuous testing brings to the DevOps model.

Harnessing Data Extraction in Education for Insightful Solutions

The education sector has always worked with data to guide various processes, most notably student progress. But with powerful, AI-driven data extraction tools impacting other industries, it's time for educators to leverage these tools, accelerate data extraction, and turn data into actionable insights much faster.

Practical Data Mesh: Building Decentralized Data Architectures with Event Streams

Why a data mesh? Predicated on delivering data as a first-class product, data mesh focuses on making it easy to publish and access important data across your organization. An event-driven data mesh combines the scale and performance of data in motion with product-focused rigor and self-service capabilities, putting data at the front and center of both operational and analytical use-cases.