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"DCN" Special Report: Marketing Analytics

“Data Cloud Now” host Ryan Green travels the world, from New York to London, to speak with experts and end users about the ways in which data-driven marketing analytics is helping businesses expand their customer base, increase profitability, and enhance customer experience. The opportunity to use marketing analytics to realize such benefits is greater than it was even just two years ago, thanks to the explosion in readily available first-party, behavioral data and the rise of new data sharing and data analysis tools, which have grown more sophisticated, in part due to their use of AI and ML technologies.
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Sprout Social - A Leading Social Media Monitoring Tool

Most businesses have to decide whether to spend money on a social media management tool. Usually, this happens once people have joined a few networks and are starting to feel overwhelmed by how difficult it is to manage them. Let’s look at some of the primary reasons why a social media management tool is worth investing in. Almost 30,000 companies utilize Sprout Social globally, in fields including education, hospitality, fashion, technology, digital marketing firms, and everything in between.

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The 10 Best Tools for Finding Broken Links on Your Website

There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking a link to a website, excited to read what’s on it, only to be met with a 404 error code once you get there. Unfortunately, broken links like these are a common occurrence on the internet. But that should not be the case. These broken links occur when the site owner makes modifications to a webpage or removes a page from their site. Dead links disadvantage your SEO efforts and make you lose site visitors over time.

Benefits of Using a Rephrasing Tool for Remote Freelance Writers

When freelance or in-house writers work on a long-term project, they often have to write about the same product repeatedly. However, sometimes, it can be challenging for them to discover new aspects of the same product. In such a situation, writers can take assistance from a rephrasing tool.

Data Driven Marketing: Small Businesses' Ticket to the Top

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, small businesses account for approximately 99.9% of all businesses. That’s a massive chunk of the U.S. economy. While they are high in number, the issues they face are relatively higher, too. Nearly 35% of small business owners report ‌that they aren’t generating any profits, with inflation being the biggest of their worries.


Data Integration & Modeling: The Unsung Heroes of the Marketing Data Stack?

Marketing data integration is the process of combining marketing data from different sources to create a unified and consistent view. If you’re running marketing campaigns on multiple platforms—Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, email—you need marketing data integration. Why? Because being able to assimilate data from different channels and across multiple marketing touchpoints gives you visibility into the overall impact of a campaign, event, or another marketing effort.