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Data Quality


Are You Ready for the Data Quality Assessment?

The quality of your data determines how well it supports your business goals within a given context, be it in operations, planning, or decision-making. Low-quality data cannot effectively serve your purpose. Usually, decision-makers rely on data to support their decisions; however, much evidence suggests that poor or uncertain data quality can contribute to ineffective decision-making in practice.


What Is Data Integrity and Why Is It Important?

Your organization’s data is the source of opportunity for your innovation. However, 25 percent of executives surveyed by KPMG either distrust or have limited trust in their data. Without integrity, the information is essentially useless. So exactly what is data integrity? Let’s take a dive deeper into this topic and discuss why it is important for your organization.


Say Goodbye to Data Quality with ELT

ELT is a three-step process that first extracts raw, structured, and unstructured data from source databases, applications, data stores, and other repositories. It then loads that data into a data lake and transforms it as needed by analysts. Since it doesn't move the data to an intermediate staging area or transform it before loading, the extraction process is speedy. You don’t need to pick and choose what data loads into the data lake or wait for it to be processed.


5 Ways to Improve Data Quality with Teradata

In 1979, Teradata began life as a collaboration between Caltech and Citibank. Today, this enterprise software group is all about redefining business intelligence tools and data management. The Teradata Database is now the Teradata Vantage Advanced SQL Engine, The name not only highlights the evolution of the company but also recognizes that tech consumers now expect more from their tools.


What Is a Data Stack?

These days, there are two kinds of businesses: data-driven organizations; and companies that are about to go bust. And often, the only difference is the data stack. Data quality is an existential issue—to survive, you need a fast, reliable flow of information. The data stack is the entire collection of technologies that make this possible. Let's take a look at how any company can assemble a data stack that's ready for the future.


The road to data quality: Getting to customer 360 faster with Machine Learning

Read Part 1 here > Data analytics is a complex process that demands time and effort from data scientists. From cleaning and prepping data to performing data analysis, data scientists go through an extensive procedure to uncover hidden patterns, identify trends, and find correlations in data to make informed business decisions. The task of integrating, cleaning, and organizing data assets often take up the bulk of the data scientist’s time.