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Stay Compliant and Informed: Discover Choreo's Logging and Observability Advancements

Image by vectorjuice on Freepik In today's digital economy, enterprises have to strike the right balance between gaining application and user insights and safeguarding data privacy. With Choreo's feature that derives direct log insights and observability from data planes, organizations can now prioritize enterprise compliance while delivering essential functionality.


Koyeb Metrics: Built-in Observability to Monitor Your Apps Performances

At Koyeb, we're working to build the most seamless way to deploy apps to production without worrying about infrastructure. But there's still plenty to keep you busy at the application layer with performance tuning and troubleshooting. That's why we're introducing Metrics — an easy way to monitor and troubleshoot application performance. Deploying on Koyeb makes thinking about infrastructure or orchestration unnecessary.

Kensu Named Challenger and Fast Mover in GigaOm Radar Report for Data Observability

Kensu announces that it has been named a Challenger and Fast Mover and is projected to be named a Leader within the coming 12 to 18 months in the GigaOm Radar Report for Data Observability. In the report, Kensu falls within the Innovation/Platform Play quadrant, having capabilities to stop data incidents from propagating and resolve them twice as fast.

Unlocking BigQuery: Achieving Speed and Scale with Data Observability and FinOps

See what’s new and look ahead to take advantage of the latest innovation from Unravel The demands of data analytics and AI are rising, making it more difficult to keep data pipelines running as they become more complicated. Customers are turning to modern data stacks such as Google Cloud BigQuery to keep up.

Kensu + Matillion: A Technical Deep Dive

Kensu is the first solution to bring advanced data observability capabilities to support Matillion, empowering organizations to gain richer insights into their data pipelines and ultimately strengthening trust and data productivity. Matillion ETL is a popular tool for building and orchestrating data integration workflows. It simplifies extracting data from various sources, transforming it according to business requirements, and loading it into a cloud data platform.


Model Observability and ML Monitoring: Key Differences and Best Practices

AI has fundamentally changed the way business functions. Adoption of AI has more than doubled in the past five years, with enterprises engaging in increasingly advanced practices to scale and accelerate AI applications to production. As ML models become increasingly complex and integral to critical decision-making processes, ensuring their optimal performance and reliability has become a paramount concern for technology leaders.


The value of data observability to the data analyst

At the beginning of my career as a data analyst, I had to rely on other team members when something went wrong in our data pipeline, often only finding out about it after the event. That experience was one of the driving factors for me to join Kensu. When I spoke with the team for the first time, I had that “lightbulb moment”: data observability is a way of providing help to various data team members, including data analysts, in making their lives more productive and less painful.


Serverless Observability in N|Solid for AWS Lambda

We are excited to release Serverless Observability for N|Solid with support for AWS Lambda. With the growth of organizations leveraging serverless increasing as they realize the performance and cost benefits, we're excited to provide customers with this new visibility into the health and performance of their Node.js apps utilizing Serverless Functions utilizing serverless architectures. Img 1. Serverless Cloud Providers.