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k-SIX News - Breaking News! Grafana Cloud k6 launch

Announcing the launch of Grafana Cloud k6! The k6 Cloud platform is finally available as a new offering within Grafana Cloud that empowers developers, operations and QA teams to prevent system failures and consistently deliver fast and reliable applications. The announcement comes directly from Raj Dutt, Grafana Labs CEO. Paul Balogh gives a tour through the new clouds in his weather segment, closing with the usual fun and bloopers.

Introducing Kong Enterprise 2.8 Long Term Support

Kong is proud to announce our first-ever Long Term Support (LTS) version of Kong Enterprise. Kong Enterprise 2.8 LTS will be supported up to March 25, 2025. LTS is an industry term for a software release that is supported for a longer period of time than other releases. LTS versions are popular because once users are on an LTS version, they can rest assured that this version will continue to receive technical support and security updates during the LTS period.


Introducing Grafana Cloud k6: unified performance testing and observability

Organizations use load and performance testing to prevent issues from impacting customers, which is essential if they want to stay relevant in today’s digital-first world. And with the rise of cloud native technology and DevOps, software teams must shift performance testing left, towards development. However, traditional load and performance testing tools simply haven’t kept pace, leaving developers, operations, and QA teams siloed.


Self Service is Simply Efficient - Cloudera DataFlow Designer GA announcement

We are thrilled to announce that the new DataFlow Designer is now generally available to all CDP Public Cloud customers. Data leaders will be able to simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of data pipelines, saving time and money by enabling true self service.


Introducing ThoughtSpot Sage: AI-Powered Analytics with GPT

Today we’re excited to announce ThoughtSpot Sage, our new search experience that combines the power of GPT’s natural language processing and generative AI capabilities with the accuracy and security of our patented self-service analytics platform. With this new integration, data teams will be able to exponentially increase their impact across an organization as business users self-serve personalized, actionable, and trustworthy insights like never before.


Introducing nsuv

Here at NodeSource we are focused on fixing issues for the enterprise. This includes adding functionality and features to Node.js that are useful for enterprise-level deployments but would be difficult to upstream. One is the ability to execute commands remotely on Worker threads without the addition of running the inspector, such as capturing CPU profiles or heap snapshots.


Appian 23.1: Design Total Experiences and Unify Processes for End-to-End Process Automation

In today's fast-paced and increasingly unpredictable business environment, it's more important than ever for you to deliver value with fewer resources. Modern enterprise process automation platforms are the key to connecting your people, processes, and data and unlocking operational efficiencies.


Appian Portals Unifies Customers and Employees, Enabling Experiences that Make a Difference in Appian 23.1

Why do experiences matter? In turbulent economic times, organizations that can't offer high-quality digital products and services with excellent experiences cannot attract and retain customers and employees. Customers today are seeking more than just products or services. They are looking for memorable experiences that create a lasting impact and emotional connection with the organizations they interact with. And they are more than willing to pay more to have those experiences.


What's New in Kong Enterprise 3.2?

We’re happy to announce the general availability of Kong Enterprise 3.2. In this release, we’ve taken significant steps to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of our API management solution. In Kong Enterprise 3.2, we’ve delivered key functionality for customers that operate Kong Enterprise in a hybrid environment in order to further enhance its reliability. Specifically, we’ve expanded Kong Enterprise’s capabilities in the following areas.