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Apache Kafka Deployments and Systems Reliability - Part 1

There are many ways that Apache Kafka has been deployed in the field. In our Kafka Summit 2021 presentation, we took a brief overview of many different configurations that have been observed to date. In this blog series, we will discuss each of these deployments and the deployment choices made along with how they impact reliability.

10 Indispensable Software Deployment Tools

Software Deployment Tools (SDTs) help make software systems available to the target endpoints in a network from a central location. They include installation, distribution, configuration, upgrade, and management tools. All software applications need to be upgraded regularly, require new features from time to time, need security reinforcements against new and coming threats, require updates to remove bugs, and so on.

Support Virtual Services at Scale with VirtServer

Virtual services are changing the way teams are developing and testing applications across various industries. While SmartBear's ServiceV solution makes it simple to build and run these virtual services locally, deploying them to be used by other teams opens up the power of virtualization to an entire organization.

Optimize Test Management in Jira with Data Center Deployment

 Zephyr for Jira is the leading native application that resides in Atlassian’s Jira Software bringing full featured test management capabilities to any Jira project. Join us to review the benefits of moving to Data Center and see how Zephyr for Jira is used with it.