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Present & Share Performance With Your Company and Clients | Databox 101 | Chapter 3.5

While dashboards let you see real-time performance to answer “How am I doing right now?”, Reports take it a step further. With Reports, you can provide a more comprehensive view of your historical performance - with all the context - to your teams, clients, or stakeholders. In this video, you’ll learn: Bookmark this tab AND share the series with your entire company/team! Databox empowers everyone - leaders, managers, and individual contributors alike.

On Demand Tabular Reports - SaaS in 60

Last year we released Tabular Reporting, a new Excel and Office 365 add-in that addresses operational report and distribution requirements by creating formatted reports using existing Qlik Cloud Analytics apps and data. Now you can make those same reports available to download, on demand, directly to users while they analyze data within a Qlik Cloud Analytics app, complete with their preferred data selections.

insightsoftware's Jet Reports and Power BI

In this video, we provide a comprehensive comparison between Jet Reports and Power BI. Discover the unique strengths and capabilities of each tool, including how they handle real-time data, user interface, customization options, and more. Learn which reporting solution is best suited for your business needs and how they can enhance your data analysis and reporting efficiency.

Tabular Reporting for NPrinting Users - Do More with Qlik

Join Michael Tarallo, along with special guests Product Manager Andrew Kruger and Principal Platform Architect Johnny Poole, for part 2 of Qlik Tabular Reporting. In this session, the focus shifts to the migration path for NPrinting users, exploring available utilities, migration paths and best practices for a seamless transition.

16 Top Hospital KPIs for 2024 Reporting

A hospital key performance indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable measure that monitors the quality of healthcare provided by the hospital and measures the overall success of the business. Like many other service providers, hospitals depend on their customers (patients) to run their business. However, in order to thrive, they must also operate sustainably and mange costs. A successful hospital runs efficiently, provides life saving services and plays a valuable role in driving public health measures.

15 Best Non-Profit KPIs and Metric Examples for 2024 Reporting

What is a kpi? A non-profit key performance indicator (KPI) is a numerical measurement that gauges the ability of a non-profit organization in accomplishing its mission. Non-profit metrics quantify the organization’s many endeavors in extending its impact on society. The spirit of KPIs generated for a non-profit organization is not unlike a for-profit business.

What Is Data Reporting and How to Create Data Reports for Your Business

According to Gartner’s prediction, 90% of organizations will consider information the most valuable asset a business may have. And where does this information come from? Here’s a magic word – data. Even though many companies report making important decisions based on their gut feeling, 85% of them would like to improve the ways they use data insights to make business decisions.

What Is KPI Reporting? KPI Report Examples, Tips, and Best Practices

We’re constantly bombarded by data points and it takes real effort to make sense of them. While having a lot of information is a good thing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss what’s really important. Businesses especially need to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff and assess their data accurately. But, how do you go about this exactly?