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Making the Leap from Azure to Codemagic

This article was origninally published here. In this article, we’re spilling the beans on why we switched from Azure to Codemagic and showing you exactly how to supercharge your CI/CD game. We’re covering the entire spectrum — from compiling and creating release notes to testing and deployment. Let’s rewind a bit to our iOS developers’ struggles. Our CI process (think builds, tests, and coverage) was taking a chunky 40–50 minutes.

How Tuist migrated from GitHub Actions to Codemagic for faster and more reliable CI

Headline: The transition to Codemagic made our CI builds faster and more reliable and positively impacted the experience of contributors contributing to our open-source project, Tuist. Thanks to Codemagic’s support, we can bring new free goods to the Swift community and the ecosystem of app developers.

Deploy your app to App Store Connect with Codemagic CLI tools and GitHub Actions

The process of building, code signing, and publishing mobile apps can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when working in a large team and also needing to share builds with QA engineers. That’s why Codemagic offers a cloud-based CI/CD service for mobile apps that automates the whole workflow with minimal time-effort on configuration. But what if you want to use Codemagic’s features locally or in another CI/CD environment, such as GitHub Actions?

Codemagic helps Mobi Lab deliver mission-critical projects while saving them time and money

I am a software engineer and part of a team at Mobi Lab, a design agency. In Mobi Lab, we build successful digital products and augmented reality solutions for people on the go. In this post, I will share what we have learned about the importance of continuous integration and delivery (“CI/CD”) and how Codemagic improves our workflow and makes our clients happy.

Upcoming changes to Google Play for developers

You may have heard the adage of “quality over quantity”, and it seems that Google is taking this saying to heart regarding the quality of apps developers submit to Google Play. Back in November 2023, Google published an article on the Android Developers Blog outlining their intent to improve the quality of Android apps in the Play Store. In this article, we’ll take a look at how things were, and what the upcoming changes mean for developers who want to publish to the Google Play store.

Leveraging Emerge Tools in CI/CD Pipelines for iOS App Size Optimisation.

The app size on my phone is 1GB which is double the size of my next largest banking app and 10 times the size of the following two. Does SoFi care to optimize the app? I’m hoping getting rid of the crypto exchange will reduce the overall size.” Said Mizzo12 on Reddit For too long, have we sat silent and allowed our app sizes to grow too big! While some of us enjoy the luxury of 5G internet and what seems like infinite storage, not everyone does! So..

Dr. Bazel: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Building Systems

Building software can be as easy as baking a cake, or as hard as rocket science. It all depends on the tools you use. As a developer, you’ve probably encountered issues like inconsistent builds, long build times, and dependency hell. If you want to make your life easier and your software better, you may want to try Bazel, the ultimate build tool that can handle anything from cupcakes to spaceships.

100% Flakiness-free UI test automation with Kaspresso and Allure TestOps

UI testing in mobile app development is a challenging task due to multiple factors such as flaky tests, saving screenshots, printing useful logs and readability of test codes. We will be talking about a new UI testing framework Kaspresso for Android apps and how it is different from other frameworks when it comes down to solving these challenges.

How to Test Native Features in Flutter Apps with Patrol and Codemagic

“It’s no use! I can’t run an end to end test with Flutter’s integration tests”, exclaimed one of our customers about 9 months ago. I asked what the problem was and they explained that they were using Google Authentication for logging in and used the google_sign_in package for and it wasn’t possible use Flutter’s integration tests to interact with the login screens.

Interview with Lucas Josefiak (CEO & Co-Founder of Widgetbook)

In this video, Taha Tesser from Codemagic interviewed Lucas Josefiak, CEO and Co-Founder of Widgetbook) to gain insight into Widgetbook open-source package and Widgetbook Cloud platform. To learn how to build Widgetbook using Codemagic, check out this article written by Taha Tesser.