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Latest Customer Stories

Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group: 13 Banking Applications in 1 Year with Low-Code

Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group, the fourth largest Italian Banking Institution, has adopted the Appian Low-code Automation Platform to streamline their business processes, from Fraud Management to New Product Oversight and Governance to Anti-Money Laundering. The IT and Business departments collaborated with agile methodologies, delivering 13 applications in one year. Watch their story to see how they reduced fraud management processing time by 75% and how they are now able to deliver new products faster to their affiliated banks in Italy.

How Allianz France achieved a fast-paced Agile development lifecycle with Xray and YEST

With operations in 70 countries, Allianz is a world leading insurance company and the preferred insurance brand. The company offers a large range of insurance policies for both corporates and individuals. Allianz has been present in France since the late 1950s and made a major acquisition there in 1998 with the purchase of the AGF company. 5 years ago, Allianz France decided to reorganize its IT to scale agile practices.


How Seagate Runs Advanced Manufacturing at Scale With Iguazio

Seagate is the world’s leading data storage solution. Together with Iguazio, Seagate is able to manage data engineering at scale while harnessing petabytes of data, efficiently utilize resources, bridge the gap between data engineering and data science and create one production-ready environment with enterprise capabilities. In this new webinar, Vamsi Paladugu, Sr.


How Iodine Uses ClearML to Enable Better Healthcare Delivery

Improving patient care is right up there with the importance of optimizing the allocation and efficiency of precious resources when it comes to today’s healthcare. But that’s been difficult for people alone to accomplish, even with automation. The good news is that machine learning is now addressing these challenges and a company called Iodine Software is leading the innovation.