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The 10 Best APIs for Start-ups in 2024

If your startup is planning to build an app, you’re going to need an Application Programming Interface, better known as an “API.” The role of an API is to give your app a set of directions so it can get all the information it needs to interact with your business. APIs are extremely valuable, but they can also be difficult to navigate. Here’s a look at the 10 best APIs for start-ups that will ensure your business has the fundamental technology needed to be successful in 2023.

How to Manage Quality in Fast-Paced #Startups | Abhishek PR | #softwaretesting #qualityassurance

In this illuminating video, Abhishek PR shares invaluable insights on managing quality in the fast-paced startup environment, where tight deadlines are the norm. Navigating the unique challenges that startups present, Abhishek provides practical strategies to ensure that quality is not compromised despite time constraints. Learn effective techniques for balancing speed and quality, optimizing testing activities, and making informed decisions to meet tight deadlines without sacrificing the integrity of your product.

5 Trends Changing the Modern Startup Ecosystem

While the startup world listened for better news in the aftermath of a volatile 2022, a new salvo of bad news emerged: global venture capital funding declined about 49% within the first six months of 2023 alone. Worsening inflation and rising interest rates are putting pressure on startups across all stages of venture funding to reframe their tech stacks or business models along the tech-scape’s collapsing edges.

4 lessons from scaling a startup: Matthew O'Riordan on the Code Story podcast

Code Story is a podcast that invites tech leaders to reflect on their journeys, the products they’ve created, their successes, and their mistakes. Our CEO Matthew O’Riordan recently spoke with host Noah Labhart to share more about Ably’s story and the lessons he’s learned along the way. You can listen to the full episode here, but we’ve pulled out a few highlights below.

Bitrise named in Europe's most promising startups 2023

The Titans of Tech report analyzed more than 100 European startups for scale, velocity and sentiment, and surveyed their GP. Bullhound network of more than 120 VC and growth investors to rank the top 50 companies with the most potential to become billion-dollar companies in the next two years and Bitrise has made that list!

Fast-Growing Startups Thrive On Snowflake

Startup companies who build their network infrastructure around Snowflake find they not only can be better at using data to deliver a superior customer experience, but they can easily scale their business when they start to achieve explosive growth. In this episode of “Data Cloud Now,” Gautam Srinivasan, Snowflake India Correspondent chats Ben Gotfredson, Head of Startup Programs at Snowflake, talks about all the ways Snowflake energizes startup companies, as well as the huge business opportunity for those who want to build an app directly on Snowflake.

11 Redshift Tips for Startups

There has never been a better time to start a startup, thanks to all of the advancements in communications and data management technology. Data engineering and utilization are at the core of every new startup that plans on disrupting and dominating its markets. Fortunately, Amazon Redshift can make the data management aspects of running a business much easier. Here are 11 Amazon Redshift tips for startups.