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From Checkout Chaos to Seamless Transactions: The Power of Automated POS Testing

In the busy world of retail, the checkout process is the last and often most crucial step in the customer journey. A smooth, efficient transaction can leave a lasting positive impression, while any hiccup can lead to frustration, abandoned carts, and lost sales. With the rise of advanced Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, retailers have more tools than ever to streamline operations and improve the customer experience.

Digital Transformation in Retail Industry: The New Future

Have you noticed how quickly the retail industry is changing? It's all thanks to digital transformation, which is happening at an incredible pace. We bet you're curious about why this shift is happening and what's driving it. Don't worry, you're not alone in your questions. Many people are wondering about the same thing. With each passing day, we see new technologies and IT solutions being adopted by retailers to stay ahead of the competition and offer better user experiences.

The Ultimate Guide to Retail Data Analytics

Whether you love, hate or remain indifferent towards data, it’s impossible to deny its importance in today’s business landscape. Businesses across all sectors and industries collect data and perform data analysis, to better understand their customers and business processes, in an effort to boost productivity, reduce expenditure and gain competitive advantage.

Create a shopping app like Temu: Cost and Must-have Features

One such industry that has been on a growth trajectory since then is the Retail/ Shopping Industry. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost your sales and take your business to new heights, then one thing that should be on your radar is to create a shopping app. When eCommerce hit a jackpot in 2020, everyone wanted to be the next Amazon. So, it’s clear that you won’t succeed in this cutthroat market by creating a low-budget Amazon clone, rather you need something extraordinary.

How Financial Services and Retail Companies Are Accelerating their Data, Apps and AI Strategy in the Data Cloud

Last year, we held our first Accelerate event, to explore industry trends, data and technology innovations, and data strategy case studies in financial services. This year, we are expanding to five industry events, featuring leaders in financial services; retail and consumer goods; manufacturing; media, advertising and entertainment; and healthcare and life sciences. Accelerate Financial Services and Accelerate Retail are one-day virtual events brought to you by Microsoft.

Black Friday Post Mortem

Now that the chaos of Black Friday has passed, it’s time to check in on the aftermath. How did your website fare? What challenges did your business experience, and did they affect your ROI? How early should you be testing your site to prep for the big day? In this episode of the Test Case Scenario, Paul Reinheimer, co-founder at WonderProxy, joins Jason Baum and Nikolay Advolodkin to trade stories about past Black Fridays and discuss best practices for testing, test automation, AI factors, and more.

Drive Your Retail Media Strategy with Data Clean Rooms

Retail media is the topic everyone is talking about in the retail and consumer goods industry. And for good reason: the $45 billion U.S. retail media market is surging as retailers capitalize on the consumer shift to ecommerce while offering advertisers access to their unique audiences and data insights. Many retailers developed their own retail media networks over the last few years, from digital marketplaces and department stores to commerce intermediaries.

5 Reasons Why Retail Media Is the Smart Approach for Online Retailers

To say the global retail market is challenging today would be a gross understatement. A rising cost of living, demanding consumer expectations, supply chain disruption and unforeseen public health crises like COVID-19 all contribute to the erosion of retailers’ bottom lines. However, retail media has in recent years emerged as an increasingly promising guard against these economic uncertainties and can even serve as a profitable revenue stream.

Critical Role of API Security in the Retail Domain - Challenges and Solutions

The retail sector is in a paradigm shift of digital transformation, with an anticipated 25% of global retail poised to migrate online by 2025. APIs facilitate digital-first shopping experiences in this evolving landscape, allowing retailers to swiftly adapt and enhance their systems. They empower retailers to extend services like online orders with in-store pickups, curbside delivery, and personalized online shopping recommendations, catering to remote customers’ preferences.