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How to Build in the Metaverse - A Primer on Metaverse Game Development

So you want to get into metaverse game development — but the metaverse isn’t here yet. It is still being built in pieces. Some say Web3/NFT/blockchain companies like Sandbox or Decentraland are leading the way. Others say that Meta is leading the way with its immersive VR Horizon World metaverse. But what about Epic Games and their deep investment into the underlying infrastructure? And what about the creative and educational side with Minecraft and Roblox?


How to embed an Android Unity game in a Flutter app

One of the great features that made Unity popular is its ability to provide builds for multiple platforms out of the box. But there may be scenarios in which you would like Unity to comprise just a part of your application, while the rest is written with some other framework. A typical use case is using Unity’s functionality inside a Flutter application.


In-game chat: Eight key features and how to deliver them

With more than a billion players worldwide, online games are a significant cultural, social, and economic phenomenon. And while innovative gameplay gets people through the door, it’s the social aspect of online gaming that keeps them playing. That puts social functionality front and center when it comes to the difference between an ongoing hit and an expensive flash in the pan. And players are quite particular about how they want to engage with others.

5 Educational Phone Games for Schoolers

Experts advise parents to reduce screen time for their children until they realize that their future might be more technology than anything else. Developers, on their part, are providing more products for kids at a younger age. Games on ordinary gadgets like phones, tablets, and smart devices are offering schoolers a chance to interact with technology early. The role of games in the lives of schoolers has also changed. While they were previously used for entertainment, education stakeholders are recommending them to help kids to study different concepts and revise other topics studied in class.

How to Use UnrealGameSync with Perforce Helix Core

To aid in the development of Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5, Epic developed UnrealGameSync (UGS) to interact with Perforce Helix Core. While UnrealGameSync has many features in addition to p4v, the primary use is to distribute internal engine and project builds. Here we explain what is UnrealGameSync, its benefits, and how to install and set it up.


A Look Inside: 2022 Game Development Trends & Forecast

Game development constantly changes. New game development trends emerge every year. And technology advances, bringing opportunities for game development studios to innovate. There’s so much for game development studios to consider if they want to produce their next hit game. That’s why we recently surveyed hundreds of game development professionals to get their take on the biggest challenges, trends, and opportunities facing the industry today.