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5 Top Benefits for Choosing React Native

React Native is an open-source framework that Meta (then Facebook) designed to build native applications for Android, iOS, and other platforms. The framework is built so anyone familiar with React can easily build cross-platform applications without learning a completely different framework or language. However, there are differences in the functionality of the two, including: There are many more differences, but we’ll get into those later in the post.

Flutter vs React Native: An In-Depth Comparison

Mobile app development demands efficiency, reliability, and speed. Flutter and React Native are popular frameworks that allow you to create apps quickly and efficiently. This post will compares the strengths and weaknesses of each development framework to help you choose the best option for your next project.

How to dockerize a Django, Preact, and PostgreSQL Application

During my recent deep dive into new technologies, I found the classic issues of integrating numerous tech tools effectively. I've written about my experiences to save you the trouble I had. One essential component I've looked into is using Docker to implement containerization. While the initial setup takes a little longer, it significantly simplifies and optimizes your technological stack.

Angular vs. React: Which is Better, and When?

In a nutshell, here's the biggest difference between Angular and React: With Angular, you get a standardized approach to everything. It’s a structured environment that gives you clear direction and all the resources you need within arm's reach, minimizing venturing outside for additional tools or materials. React, on the other hand, resembles a playground where you're handed the basic building blocks and left to your own devices.

The no-nonsense guide React Server Components

React Server Components (RSCs) seem to be everywhere lately, but what problem do they really solve? In this video, Alex Booker from Ably (@CodeCast) explores RSCs from scratch, revealing the motivation and benefits behind them. You might be surprised to learn - they're not merely a React feature, but a fundamentally new model for building full-stack React applications with meta frameworks like Next 13.4 by Vercel.

How to build a live chat widget in React

Live chats have revolutionized customer support, offering seamless and instant communication between businesses and their customers. When building a live chat, there are two main components on the client side: a chat button and a chat window. The chat button is a clickable icon on your website to prompt visitors to start a conversation. The chat window is the interface where the actual conversation occurs.

5 React trends to get ahead of in 2024

As we kick off 2024, it’s time to look ahead. And while yes, it brings the Paris Olympics, the release of highly anticipated VR devices, and a potential new Nintendo console – that’s not all. It also marks React’s second decade and another year of innovation for the popular framework! But what does 2024 hold for React? And what are developers excited about? We spoke to our network and scoured communities to find out – here’s what they said.

React Native Libraries: The ones you should know about in 2024!

Today, there are approximately 7 million people who say they wouldn’t be able to survive without their gadgets. Because of this, businesses must modify their websites and applications to cater to their client’s expectations. Emerging patterns prompt businesses to consider creating iOS and Android mobile apps with the top framework libraries that may greatly streamline and accelerate the development process.

How to add a typing indicator to an in-game chat room with React

In a previous article, I took you through how to add a chat room to a simple game of tic-tac-toe. This post is the second in the series, in which we will look at how to build out the functionality of that chat room with additional features. Across the series, we’ll look at how to manage presence and how to enable emoji reactions – in this post, the focus is on typing indicators. Follow on to find out how to display an indicator when the other person is typing.