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What is Image CDN, and Why Is It Important?

In the visually driven age of the internet, the importance of delivering high-quality images seamlessly and efficiently cannot be overstated. Websites and online platforms strive to provide users with impeccable visuals, making Image Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) a cornerstone of modern web infrastructure. Let's discuss what CDNs are, their significance in images, mechanics, and the best choices in the market.

Myth-busting: Jamstack can't handle dynamic content

Jamstack has brought forward a great way to rethink the infrastructure of modern-day websites. It shows us just how much we can abstract away in the process of serving websites and, as a result, gain tremendous benefits to User and Developer Experience. However, much confusion exists around what kind of websites can actually fall under this classification.

Delivering high-performing global APIs with Apigee X and Cloud CDN

Organizations are increasingly investing in digital businesses ecosystem strategies to foster innovation and operate efficiently. These ecosystems connect various stakeholders--such as partners, developers, and customers--via application programming interfaces, or APIs. APIs allow various software systems to interface, and are thus the primary mechanism of value exchange within these ecosystems.