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How No-Code API Tools Automatically Generate APIs

At some point, anyone who has enjoyed using a computer has wondered if they could build their own app. But software development becomes intimidating fast if you’re not a programmer. Fortunately, there is a wide range of no-code platforms available today. Even in the enterprise, there’s demand for no-code development. As APIs have become one of the most important components of the modern application ecosystem, several no-code API solutions are now available.

Tricentis acquires Waldo no-code test automation platform to expand and strengthen mobile testing

I am excited to share that Tricentis has acquired Waldo, a mobile test automation platform. Waldo complements and extends our existing Tricentis mobile testing offerings with new test automation capabilities that will allow our customers to deliver higher quality mobile applications.

No-Code Data Pipelines: Streamline Data Integration

Historically, connecting multiple data sources to a single destination required extensive experience as a computer programmer or data scientist. Today’s no-code data pipelines have changed that perspective. Now, practically anyone – even those without any coding experience – can use no-code pipelines to streamline data processing without damaging data quality. You will, however, need the right ETL and ELT tools to manage real-time data flows.

Thoughts on Low Code and No Code Automation Tools | Prathamesh | #lowcode #nocode #automationtesting

In this insightful video, Prathamesh shares his expert perspective on the topic of low code and no code tools in automation testing. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Prathamesh discusses the advantages, challenges, and considerations when using these tools for test automation.

Product announcement: Keboola is launching no-code transformations!

In this new exciting development, Keboola is launching no-code data transformations for everybody on the platform. No-code transformations empower users without the technical know-how to build robust, feature-rich applications without having a degree in computer science or waiting for the IT department to develop the apps for them.

A Complete Guide to the Pros and Cons of No-Code API Development

APIs, or application programming interfaces, have become vital components for businesses looking to compete in the digital economy. What draws business operations toward API implementation is the fact that APIs afford businesses the opportunity to get more out of their valuable data. Considering that the worldwide API management market size is projected to reach over $13 billion by 2027, it’s clear that APIs have created a prominent place for themselves in the digital economy.