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Process Mining and RPA: Fine Tune Automation Efforts for the Most Impact

To get the most out of any technology investment, you have to be sure you're using it in the right way. Just as you wouldn't remove a lid from a jar with a spatula, you shouldn’t use robotic process automation (RPA) for a purpose it isn't well suited to. The same is true for process mining and RPA. To maximize the benefits of both, you first need to understand what these two technologies do best.

Don't Use RPA Alone - Build Better Automations Using the Right Technologies

On its own, RPA is a great resource for automating tasks that are manual, repetitive, time-intensive, or part of systems that have no APIs. But there are other automation technologies with capabilities that are much better suited than RPA to the varied and complex parts of your processes. And we think you deserve the power of choice when it comes to how you automate. With Appian, you get access to an entire suite of complete automation capabilities, including intelligent document processing, AI, smart services, integrations, decision rules…and yes, RPA.

Appian RPA Opens Doors (...Er, Windows) to Expansion, Scale, and Transformation

With every iteration of automation technology that hits the market, one thing is clear: We are not far from a future where the only limit to what you can automate will be within the limits of your own imagination. Appian strives to open doors to the art of the possible by putting every automation capability you need to tackle any use case into our unified low-code platform. And in Appian 22.2, the latest product release, we’re opening Windows, too.


What Are the Benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology used to automate manual, rule-based, repetitive tasks within your business processes. This can help free up human workers so they can focus more on the activities that require human logic, reasoning, and emotion. RPA can also be used as a quick and easy way to connect to legacy systems that don't use application programming interfaces (APIs).

Repetitive Tasks Done Faster with Appian RPA

Introducing Appian RPA - a cloud-native technology for robotic task automation that increases efficiency, reduces errors, and lowers costs. Appian RPA is part of Appian’s full-stack automation, which combines RPA, workflow, decision rules, AI, and case management, giving you the right technology for the right use case.

Automate even faster with the Appian RPA Recorder

Appian is dedicated to helping customers automate their businesses, fast! And the new RPA Recorder speeds up your time-to-value by allowing you to record your browser-based task actions. When you're done, Appian RPA creates a ready-to-automate workflow design that you can use on its own or as part of your overall end-to-end Appian-automated business process.