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Incident Management

Why Developers Should Care About Resilience

Recently, a friend reminded me of a joke we used to have when we were both developers at a huge software corporation (we won’t mention names, but back when printers were a thing, you probably owned one of theirs). We didn’t develop printers. We developed performance testing and monitoring tools. We were the dev team, which was completely separate from the QA team and from the Ops team (yes, I’m that old – we didn’t even call it DevOps back then).

PagerDuty integration with N|Solid

In the latest version of NSolid v4.4.2 NodeSource introduced the new PagerDuty integration that allows users to configure message notifications that are automatically triggered when your Node.js application experiences critical performance, lifecycle, and/or security events in production. This ensures DevOps professionals looking after applications running in production, can be notified on time about new performance and security issues.