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ServiceNow Accelerates Data-Driven Innovation by Rearchitecting Its Enterprise Data Platform on Snowflake

ServiceNow is focused on making the world work better for everyone. More than 7,700 customers rely on ServiceNow’s platform and solutions to optimize processes, break down silos and drive business value. Achieving 20% year-over-year growth with a 98% renewal rate (as of Q1 2023) requires a data-driven understanding of the customer journey.

Introducing the Snowflake Connector for ServiceNow analytics

In a world where user experience and IT support can mean the difference between hitting or missing your ARR marks, businesses have to find smarter ways to build workflows and support their IT departments. That’s where companies like ServiceNow come into play. A few years back, we created our ServiceNow SpotApp, a pre-built analytics template to help companies analyze and understand their data—so they can increase efficiencies across their complex IT environments.

Snowflake Connector for ServiceNow Available in Public Preview

ServiceNow, Inc. offers a well-known SaaS application, with companies in multiple industries using it to help manage digital workloads for a variety of departments and operations. What if it was as easy as just a few clicks to get ServiceNow data directly into your Snowflake account so you could combine it with other data sources, including ERPs, HRs, and CRMs? Well, now it is.

Building Custom ITSM Dashboards for BMC Remedy

The importance of timely and accurate IT insights is increasing rapidly in the modern era. Organizations often desire a customizable solution to meet the specific needs of their business best and increasingly want to mix data from multiple sources and match data to sales, HR, asset management and other sources in order to better understand root causes and drive better decision-making. To do so, they need a solution that is able to be flexibly tailored for all use cases.

Why manual testing for ServiceNow doesn't work - and what to do about it

Here's the simple truth: ServiceNow's digital workflows are only as effective as your release process allows them to be. This is why organizations have honed in on testing as a source of strategic advantage to help them release faster, improve the customer experience, and boost productivity.

5 manual testing challenges to watch out for to prevent a scrubbed ServiceNow release

What do missions to space and ServiceNow releases have in common? More than you might think. Both involve many intricate moving parts that are vital for liftoff and mission success. Like the delayed NASA Psyche asteroid mission, insufficient testing can create significant impediments on the path to launch.

How to get started with ThoughtSpot for ServiceNow Analytics

Since the start of the pandemic, business demands on your IT team have skyrocketed. You need granular, actionable insights to keep up with the speed and volume of digital transformation projects and IT incidents occurring across your organization. Canned reports from SaaS-based systems like ServiceNow aren’t fundamentally built for analytics.

ThoughtSpot, ServiceNow, and Snowflake for IT Workload Management

As the developer of the leading data cloud, Snowflake generates a wealth of IT Service Management data with ServiceNow. But uncovering actionable, granular insights has been a challenge. Now, ThoughtSpot and Snowflake are empowering IT executives to answer all their questions about support ticket backlog and effort with a single pane of interactive insights in ThoughtSpot, powered by Snowflake.