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Marketing and Sales in Uncertain Times: Strategies & Spending Impact (2024)

Enjoy reading this blog post written by our experts or partners. If you want to see what Databox can do for you, click here. No matter what size your business is or what market you operate in, there’s one thing every business will confirm – marketing and sales during a downturn can be extremely challenging. But that doesn’t mean you should turn off the tap on marketing and sales until things get better.

Fast-Track to Data Insights: Deliver Impactful Salesforce Sales Metrics to the Databricks Gold Layer

Join Kelly Kohlleffel from Fivetran in this demonstration that moves and transforms raw Salesforce data into impactful sales metrics in the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. Learn how to set up a Salesforce to Databricks connector with Fivetran’s fully automated and fully managed data movement platform. Then watch how the new dataset in Databricks is automatically transformed from the Databricks bronze layer to the gold layer—making it analytics-ready and data product-ready in minutes.

Sidestep the BI BS: 6 questions to ask before signing a contract

I recently watched the movie Air. I absolutely loved it. Note: if you don’t want spoilers, you may want to skip the next two paragraphs. Air is a story chronicling how Nike, the underdog in those days, steals Michael Jordan away from Adidas and Converse. With the cards stacked against Nike—they had a much smaller budget than their big-brand competitor, Adidas—it was conventionally assumed that Michael was better off signing with a more established brand.

Selling In a Downturn Requires Doing More with Data

According to the Chief Economists Outlook published by the World Economic Forum in September 2022, 7 out of 10 economists now consider a global recession at least somewhat likely. The sales organization has a front seat view to the impacts of recession as sales personnel hear their customers cite budget cuts, postpone purchases, and possibly look for less expensive alternatives.