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GitTogether | GitOps Dynamics: Navigating the new era of DevOps! | Megha Kaur

GitOps enhances the DevOps experience/process. My talk is based on GitOps. I will be explaining GitOps workflow, its use cases and how companies can incorporate GitOps in their organization. I will share my experience on how I started using GitOps and what problems it is solving. I will be giving a small demo on GitOps concept to show how deployment can be done with the use of GitOps in Kubernetes. This will help developers, organization and each individual.

GitOps Integration with WSO2 APK: Kubernetes Native API Management

Explore the seamless integration of GitOps with WSO2 API Platform for Kubernetes (APK) in this enlightening screencast session. The need for a robust API management solution that fits naturally into the Kubernetes ecosystem has never been more critical. WSO2 APK emerges as a solution designed to harmonize with Kubernetes-native practices, offering native GitOps integration to API lifecycle management. This session delves into how WSO2 APK not only simplifies the deployment and management of APIs within Kubernetes clusters but also enhances operational efficiency and consistency through GitOps methodologies.

UI-driven GitOps: Opening up Kafka without giving up governance

As Kafka evolves in your business, adopting best practices becomes a must. The GitOps methodology makes sure deployments match intended outcomes, anchored by a single source of truth. When integrating Apache Kafka with GitOps, many will think of Strimzi. Strimzi uses the Operator pattern for synchronization. This approach, whilst effective, primarily caters to Kubernetes-based Kafka resources (e.g. Topics). But this isn’t ideal.

Use GitOps as an efficient CI/CD pipeline for Data Streaming | Data Streaming Systems

Early automation saves time and money. GitOps improves CI/CD pipeline, enhancing operations & traceability. Learn to use GitOps for data streaming platforms & streaming applications with Apache Kafka and Confluent Cloud.