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Decoding Network Traffic: Telemetry With Network Activity

Network Telemetry, in simple terms, is like having a conversation with machines or systems located far away. It’s about collecting data from these distant sources to better understand how they’re performing. Think of it as a health check-up, but for machines or systems instead of people. This technology plays a crucial role in a variety of fields.

Top 11 Network Security Testing Tools

In the current digital era, businesses depend more on networked systems to run their operations and hold sensitive data. As a result, protecting these networks against cyberattacks is critical. By proactively detecting flaws and configuration errors that hostile actors could exploit, network security testing, an important part of security testing service, is essential to accomplishing this objective.

Empowering Transactions Beyond Networks: The Future and Security of Offline Payments in a Digital Era

On many occasions, your mobile phone may be out of network coverage. Or you may be traveling in a remote area without network connectivity. In this digital era, don’t you think you should be given the option to pay digitally in such situations, even when there is a network issue? Being able to pay digitally is far better than the need to carry cash for payments, but that is a separate topic on which we can have a particular blog later.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) vs VPNs

In today’s modern digital environment, more organizations are relying on remote work than ever before. While this shift has given companies unprecedented flexibility when it comes to deploying their workforce, it has also presented challenges in keeping their devices, operations, and personnel protected, especially in regard to API security. Without proper oversight, attackers can access your organization’s server by exploiting such security vulnerabilities.

Inspect TLS encrypted traffic using mitmproxy and wireshark

I had the chance to finally sit down and find a way to inspect TLS traffic flowing out of an application running on my machine. Although I did not invent anything, I needed to put together a lot of different tricks in order to succeed, and the documentation I could find online regarding this process is scattered, at best. So, here we are with a guide on “how to inspect TLS encrypted traffic without going nuts”. Hope you enjoy!

Testing Kubernetes networking with k6 - Roberto Santalla (k6 Office Hours #91)

How would you go about testing Kubernetes networking? For his initial project with k6, our new Senior Software Engineer, Roberto Santalla, talks to us about how he used k6 to improve end-to-end network throughput and some insights he learned about Kubernetes networking along the way. He is joined by Developer Advocates Nicole van der Hoeven and Leandro Melendez.

IP Geofencing With Methodics IPLM

IP geofencing should be a central part of your IP strategy. Why? Because your IP portfolio is probably leaking. And IP leakage can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue and market setbacks — not to mention export violation fines. When it comes to IP security, you need a three-pronged approach: This blog will focus on the first pillar listed above: IP geofencing. Talk to a GEOFENCING Expert.

VPCs: An Introduction to Secure Business Networking

You’ve heard of cloud computing and how businesses use it, but do you know about virtual public clouds? VPCs are designed to give users a private cloud experience on a public cloud. For many, this is the best of both worlds when it comes to cloud storage: you get the benefits of a private cloud with the resources available on the public cloud.