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What is a Resource Catalog and How to Set Up One?

A resource catalog is a systematically organized repository that provides detailed information about various data assets within an organization. This catalog serves as a comprehensive inventory, documenting the metadata, location, accessibility, and usage guidelines of data resources. The primary purpose of a resource catalog is to facilitate efficient data discovery, governance, and utilization.

Top 10 Mobile App Security Threats

With mobile apps expected to reach more than 183.7 billion installations globally, there has also been an increase in mobile app security threats. Today’s cyberattacks are highly sophisticated, requiring constant vigilance due to many unknown or emerging threats. These threats require a proactive approach to mobile application security. End users can take steps to protect sensitive data on their devices, such as avoiding unprotected public Wi-Fi and setting up multi-factor authentication.

Creating a Secure SIMATIC PLC REST API Using DreamFactory

Organizations deploying Siemens SIMATIC PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) will logically want to track and manage PLC metrics. Exactly how these metrics are managed will depend upon the specific needs of the organization. For instance, organizations that would like to send PLC data directly to a Microsoft SQL Server database can use the TDS (Tabular Data Stream) protocol. But what if you wanted to subsequently access this data via a REST API?

Data Transformation Showdown: vs. Power Query

Data transformation tools have become an essential part of the dynamic data analytics field in business today, turning raw data into effective and meaningful insights that businesses can utilize. This process involves changing data from one format to another so that it is suitable for accurate and consistent analysis. The right tool for data transformation can drastically improve efficiency for any business. The choice depends on several factors, such as ease of use, capabilities, performance, and price.

The Leading Power BI Alternatives

Leveraging your company data is crucial to drive informed decision-making. To achieve this numerous organizations opt for business intelligence platforms, as they enable teams to quickly and easily access this data, and present it in an easy-to-digest format, such as dashboards. One of the most common choices for a business intelligence platform is Microsoft Power BI.

Why Penetration Testing is Non-Negotiable in Today's Cybersecurity Landscape

Securing your software is essential in this day and age when cyber dangers may be found anywhere on the internet. Take a look at these concerning numbers: These numbers demonstrate the need for proactive security testing services like penetration testing, a.k.a. pen testing. Pen testing imitates real attacks on your applications to identify weaknesses before nefarious actors use them.

Top iOS Frameworks for building scalable iOS app

The current period is witnessing a remarkable upswing in the mobile app development industry, especially following the rollout of the latest frameworks in iOS. This surge is accompanied by several revolutions occurring simultaneously, each influencing and intertwining with the others. With the advent of digital transformation, there's a potential tenfold increase in app speed, and wearable tech is giving rise to seamless integration with our physical world.

EDI VAN: Everything You Need to Know about Value-Added Networks (VAN) in EDI

The global EDI market, valued at USD 36.52 billion in 2023, has a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% from 2024 to 2032. As organizations worldwide increasingly turn to EDI to enhance their business processes, the role of VANs in facilitating seamless data interchange has garnered significant attention. This blog provides a comprehensive overview of EDI VANs, detailing their functionalities, benefits, and important aspects to consider when selecting the right EDI communication method.